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Sep 28, 2009


Hi everyone!!

I believe u ppl have been waiting for upcoming events and the promised luncheon , so here you go now... We will be having our annual luncheon on WEDNESDAY, 12-2pm, Block C, Level 3 open area...

To all new members, this your chance to collaborate and get to know your old folks in SSLAA who are a FUN PACKED CRAZY bunch >> Trust us, you will have a good and food provided...

So, we really hope u guys will be able to make it, we know that everyone has classes and all, but if you can, do spare some time...C ya'll there..... =)

Till then, take care and adioz amigos!!~~


Sep 5, 2009

GeNEraL MEE-ting ( 09/09/09)

hey peeps !

we are glad to announce that we will be having our second General meeting at the following time and venue :

date : 09/09/09
time : 4.00pm - 6.00pm
venue : C406 ( south wing )

we will be conductiong our members resigtration here during the meeting. Do attent the meeting if u wish to continue your membership ....
you are also required to pay the semesterly membership fee RM 5.00 ( for existing members ) and RM 10.00 ( new members registration).
we also need your help to pass the word around ...

the details that will be discussed during this meeting are :

Luncheon ( sept 2009)
The Eco fest ( january 2010)
International Women's day ( march 2010)
and a few more events ...

So guys what r ya waiting for ? Lets Rock the world ... as the saying goes , SSLAA BATU !!!!

looking forward to meet ya all there


The Team
(Social Science & Liberal Arts Association)

Aug 3, 2009



Finally!!! Its time for ME'... owh mighty Max to take over the SSLA blog, it is all Mine!!! Mine!!! All Mine I tell you!!! Kwar kwar kwar!!!

"Owkie enough with the crappy lappy and making a fool out of myself session..."

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me as the webmaster in the new SSLA board committee. "Owh this is certainly a touching moment~~~!!!"


Second... I need suggestions from the committee members and SSLA members on what to write about in order to KICK our blog back alive!!! You guys are free to leave any comments, criticisms (but make it relevant lar...) and anything regarding about our blog. I will definitely will blog about the Charity Concert soon, that's when Mell (the Charity Concert photographer) hand me all her photos to me. Or maybe I could simply just steal it from her facebook myself... “Hahaha!!!”

I wanna make a change in our blog, make it more fun, and make it sillier and more energetic like the most of us. That is why I need all of your help in bringing this blog back Alive!!!

"Let's share our craziness to the world,
Let's kick start SSLA blog!!!"

Yours truly,
Yem Meng Max

May 26, 2009

Da new Committee!!

Sorry for posting late!! (>.<) and finally its here......drum rolls....ta da! 
Congratulations to the new committee Board!! 

Updates on the blog:
  1. Click here for the new committee list -->Click HERE
  2. Activites updated --> Click HERE
  3. Photo gallery updated --> Click HERE
  4. "Contact us" updated --> Click HERE
  5. Facebook link added to the blog!!
  6. Little changes on the layout


May 4, 2009

General Election ...

The General Election ( which will determine the new commitee for the next term ) will be held on the 6th of May 2009 . All members are to attend the meeting . The details are as follows

DATE : 06 May 2009
Time : 4.00pm - 6.00pm

see ya guys there =P

Thank you .

Apr 21, 2009

The MidValley Outing

aye aye ...

hey guys , most of u might have been wondering what has happened to our end sem party ... well it has been converted to an Outing due to some unavoidable factors. So now we would be goin to Midvalley Megamall instead. what Happening there ? well ,

We're goona participate in a Bowling tournament ... YAY!!! we're gonna go jalan jalan cari makan ( eat there ) and then were gonna watch A movie / Movies ... later Do Some Shopping if There's time .

Basically were gonna go to Midvalley and have fun. For that we need ur support and participation. we are also in the need of the number of People who is planning to play bowling so that we can arrange for the game.

So, anyone who is interested do Email to with ur name and contact number. For further informations do feel free to contact Abilash at .

Owh ya ! the details as follows :

Date : 25th April 2009 ( saturday , this weekend . a day b4 PD trip )

time : 10 am - ( u guys decide ya =P )

Venue : MidValley Megamall

Gathering Spot : will be notified soon


thank you .

Apr 11, 2009


Aye aye ....

Guys , just a notification :

Anybody who wants to go 4 the PD Trip do confirm ur presence latest by the 17th of April 2009. you are also required to make a deposit worth RM 50 when you're doing so. Bare in mind that deposit is being collected in order to secure ur attendance for this event. Do give ur name and contact to Wee nee while paying your deposit. Further notices will posted here and also will be sent to you via mail. U may also contact Wee Nee for any additional inquiries @ & 016-8971831

thank you .